Thinking inside the boxing ring as therapy for Parkinson’s

Orignal Article posted on By: ANNE HOFFMAN   “Good, Vito, good!” says boxing teacher Joey DeMalavez to Vito Cosmo as he practices punching. Cosmo is training at DeMalavez’s gym in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. But this isn’t Cosmo’s first rodeo. “When you’re born with a name like Vito Cosmo, and you’re raised in […]

NBC10: JoeThe Parkinson Council Tackles Disease

The Parkinson Council executive director Wendy Lewis elaborates on the upcoming2016 Parkinson Council Golf Classic and talks about how boxing is helping people living with Parkinson’s.   Watch Interview on NBC10, We tried it: Boxing at Joltin’ Jabs

by Kelly O’Shea @phillyhealthsci When I walked into Joltin’ Jabs studio and saw former boxer Joey DeMalavez going at it on the heavy bag while he waited for me to show, I knew I was in for a tough workout. Before I even had time to really introduce myself, Joey had me down on the […]

Actions News Team at Joltin Jabs

Retired Boxer Shares His Knowledge to Train Others PHILADELPHIA – July 23, 2013 — Once upon a time, Joey DeMalavez was a bread delivery man who dreamed of a boxing career. He fought his way through the amateur ranks and turned pro briefly. Today, retired from the ring, he’s sharing what he knows with dozens […]

Cecily Tynan’s Favorite Places to Work Out

Cecily Tynan’s Favorite Places to Work Out

Where is the best spot in Philly to squeeze in a sweat session? Joltin’ Jabs in Manayunk is my favorite place to work out because nothing gets out your frustrations like punching something. And the way it makes your arms, shoulders and back look is a plus: lean, cut muscles, not big bulky ones. You sweat […]

Joltin Jabs: The Story of Joey DeMalavez

Joltin’ Jabs is a gym located at 4303 Main Street in Manayunk, Philadelphia. It is here that Joey “Joltin Jabs” DeMalavez trains his gym attendees to get in to the best shape of their lives. He utilizes fitness techniques from his time as a professional boxer to get people in to the best shape of […] : Get moving: ‘It will save your life’

‘Left uppercut! Left uppercut!” yells Joey DeMalavez, Philly tough guy and former pro boxer, as seven neophyte pugilists advance, slicing the air with gloved fists at Joltin’ Jabs, the trainer’s Main Street Manayunk gym. Their opponents: in the mirrors in front of them. “Jab!” DeMalavez orders. For some, there’s a bit of hand tremor, a […]